Zeta Presidents Are the Best Presidents

Congratulations to Megan Kelly, our amazing 2014-2015 president, for winning the Outstanding Chapter President Award.  She is just that: outstanding. Thank you for being a role model and leader for our chapter and guiding us to success for the past year. We love you!

A huge congratulations to @megankelly4 for winning the 2014-2015 Outstanding Chapter President Award! We are so proud of you and so thankful for everything you have done for our chapter!

Megan has just recently given up her crown to her fellow fearless leader and friend, Sami Blatz.  Congratulations Sami! We are so happy to have someone as kind and determined as you for president.  We can’t wait to see the incredible things you will accomplish this year!


Philanthropy Winners

Our chapter worked all year on our dance for Pi Kappa Alpha’s event, Pike Halftime.  The event proceeds went to the Florida Diabetes Camp and Chomp Cancer.  Their total proceeds exceeded their 100,000 goal this year! Congratulations Pike!

The competition ended with Zeta placing 3rd in the dance portion and 1st place overall!  Congratulations to Kappa Delta for placing 1st in the dance portion!


A huge thank you to our dance captains, Haley Harper and Rachel Galt, and a huge congratulations on their success and hard work!


Congratulations to Stacie DeSale for representing our chapter in the Dream Girl Competition!

Congratulations to Kappa Delta’s representative on winning the title!



Zeta Tau Alpha also won Alpha Tau Omega’s philanthropy, Build a Better Holiday. Congratulations to our crafty sisters that built the cuddliest and trendiest bear, and congratulations to ATO on a successful event!


Zeta Linedance 2015


Zeta Tau Alpha’s National Philanthropy is Breast Cancer Awareness and Education. The Gamma Iota Chapter at University of Florida puts on Zeta Linedance every year to raise money! It is an exciting event where the fraternities of UF each perform a dance to compete for the crown (ok, trophy).  The dances were outstanding this year!


Congratulations to Phi Delta Theta Florida Alpha Chapter for placing 1st in the dance and overall portion of the event!


Alpha Tau Omega placed 2nd in the dance portion. Congratulations!


Pi Lamda Phi came in 3rd place in the dance portion.


Finally, our King of Queens winner, the amazing Scott Miller of Delta Upsilon.  Congratulations to the King!


Bid Day 2015: Welcome to the Center of the Ring



Gamma Iota welcomed home their new pledge class on August 26th and celebrated Bid Day 2015! After a week and a half of Recruitment, we were able to celebrate our hard work with fun, food, and friends.  Eleanor Samuels, the New Member Educator, had been planning our day of fun all summer long! Thanks to her, we had a blast and the new members ran home with smiles.


The theme of this year’s Bid Day was Welcome to the Center of the Ring.  Our house was decorated to look like a circus and we even had a band!  Emma, our House Mom, provided us all with a delicious dinner with so many sweets.  A favorite activity we had was a photo booth. Our sisters and new members were able to dress up and act silly while capturing the excitement of the day.  Brooke Garrison, a new member, took many pictures with other new members and said, “Even though we were practically strangers in the picture, I knew we’d all end up being best friends.”


“Bid day is so highly anticipated that when it finally comes, everyone is overwhelmed with relief and love for the new members.  It fulfilled all my expectations,” said Courtney Voyles PC’14.


“Planning Bid Day was one of the most rewarding experiences of my time in ZTA and I was incredibly honored to give back to my sorority in such an exciting way.  There were constantly sisters asking what they could do to help and I loved being able to dream up ideas that my friends would help me bring into a reality,” Samuels said.  “Overall, the day is about our New Members and I hope we were able to give them a welcome they will never forget!”

We love our new Zeta girls and can’t wait to show them what being a Florida Zeta is all about!


One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

Our sister Giulianna Romero is president and co-founder of the club Advocates for World Health. AWH is a non-profit organization that recycles unused medical supplies. The organization’s mission is to serve the undeserved in as many ways as possible.

Many hospitals discard usable medical supplies because of protocol. As an advocate of AWH, Giulianna and her team ensure that these medical supplies are put to good use. They collect the medical equipment directly from hospitals and then redistribute it to third-world countries that have demonstrated need.


“My favorite part and a main reason I joined the club is the fact that I can actually see where the money I raise is going,” Giulianna said. “I see pictures of these third-world countries and the medical supplies I helped raise money to send. AWH also gives me the opportunity to be hands on with the work I am doing for others at the warehouse. It helps me appreciate and understand our mission, rather than raising money for a cause I have never hands-on experienced.”

Giulianna’s hard work and dedication to serving others are certainly paying off!

Gamma Iota Wins Crown Chapter Award at ZTA National Leadership Conference

ZTA National Leadership Conference is held every other year to help develop leadership in collegiate members.

This year, our chapter was able to send three members – Megan, our president; Sami, our vice president 1; and Lauren, our corresponding secretary. The theme was “Strive for Greatness,” and our delegates were really put to the test to make plans to further how our chapter will strive for greatness this school year.

The weekend started with a tour of the International Offices in Indianapolis and ended with our chapter once again winning the Crown Chapter Award, which recognizes that our chapter attained outlined standards of excellence, as well as the Quota/Total Award for pledging quota during formal recruitment periods and maintaining maximum chapter total each semester. Thanks to all our Executive Officers, Program Council members, and sisters who made this possible!

Hear from the three of them about their favorite experiences from the weekend:

Megan Kelly – President

“My favorite part of NLC was meeting and working with my GREAT group. We were all broken out into different groups based on our positions, and my group had ZTA presidents from FSU, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Penn State University and more! It was so helpful to hear from sisters going through similar experiences and learn from them. I have so many new ideas to take back to Gamma Iota this fall and I can’t wait to get started! I also loved being able to spend time and work with Sami and Lauren, as I am constantly inspired by the leaders in our chapter.”

Sami Blatz – VP1

“A highlight of NLC was being able to represent our chapter, along with Megan and Lauren, when we won the Crown Chapter Award. On Saturday night, we sat with our province Beta Gamma (Florida State University) and Theta Iota (University of North Florida) and enjoyed a fun dinner party while the awards were announced. When Gamma Iota was called, it was amazing to have such support from our Zeta sisters at other Florida schools! It was so great to receive this award and know all the hard work that Gamma Iota is putting into Zeta is being recognized! It was also awesome to see every Florida school receive this award; it truly was great to be a Florida Zeta at NLC!”

Lauren Peterson – Corresponding Secretary

“Attending NLC as a rising leader was an absolutely incredible experience. Going in, I was extremely nervous knowing that I would be around so many accomplished ZTA leaders from all over the country. Once I got there, I was quickly put at ease by how kind and outgoing everyone was. It was so cool to talk to girls from all kinds of chapters and see what things their chapter does and how we can implement new things into our chapter. NLC made me view our chapter as just a small part of a much bigger organization; sometimes we forget about that when just focusing on our own chapter. I am so inspired by Megan and Sami and I can’t wait for fall when we can show everyone what we learned at NLC!”

Claudia Davis Lands Internship with ProspectWire

As a sports management junior, our sister Claudia could not love her internship more. This summer, she has been interning with ProspectWire – a company that hosts baseball tournaments and events to help high school baseball players get recruited to college and major league teams.


“As an intern, I get to help plan and manage the tournaments,” Claudia said. “The company is based in Tampa, but I get to travel all summer because tournaments are held at different major league spring training complexes throughout the state of Florida.”

What is the most exciting part about your internship?

The most exciting part about my internship is that I get to be around the sport that I’ve grown up with. I was going to Marlins games and had season tickets before I could even speak words.

What have you learned from your internship so far?

I’ve learned how to properly function without sleep, considering that there are times when I have 14-hour work days in the hot sun. I’ve also learned the importance of teamwork and patience. There are in between 50 to 100 people involved in working the tournaments, so learning to communicate clearly and make sure everything runs smoothly is incredibly important to the success of the tournaments and the business.

I also love my internship because I’ve made so many friends from it. In the little down time we have, we get to explore the cities we intern at. I’ve visited Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota, Jensen Beach in Port St. Lucie and I got to go to the Single A Home Run Derby and All Star game at the Mets complex in Port St. Lucie. I love working at all the different complexes because it brings back memories of all the spring training games I’ve been to in my life. This started as an unpaid internship, but after all the hard work I’ve put in, my boss offered to pay me.

Katelin McDilda Becomes Overall Director for Camp Kesem


In less than a month, our sister Katelin McDilda will be heading to Camp Kesem, and she couldn’t be more excited.

Camp Kesem is a week-long camp for children whose parents have cancer. Camp activities include rock climbing, capture the flag and campfires, but there’s more to this exciting week than fun, outdoorsy activities.

“We also work to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our campers to open up in,” Katelin said. “Their home lives often provide stress, and we try to give a week of their carefree childhood back because many of them had to grow up too early.”

This past year, Katelin served as Camp Kesem’s fundraising chair. Together, the Camp Kesem team raised $52,000, which helped make the camp happen for yet another year.

Katelin is extremely passionate about these 91 children. So passionate that she has been named Camp Kesem’s overall director and is currently transitioning into her new position. Katelin has also helped three other members of our chapter become camp counselors.

“We are all so excited for this year’s camp!” Katelin said.


Zeta Tau Alpha Places in Pike Halftime Competition


Crowns to our talented sisters for placing third among all 16 sororities in the 2014 Pike Halftime Competition!

After many hours of practicing, they were finally ready to go out on stage and perform their hearts out.

Pi Kappa Alpha’s event raised over $83,000 for two great causes. The Florida Diabetes Camp is a three-day summer camp for students who have been diagnosed with Type I diabetes, and Riqui V’s Chomp Cancer Foundation supports children at Shand’s hospital who are battling cancer.

We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to participate in this incredible philanthropy!

Jenna Ladd Becomes Editor-In-Chief for The Odyssey

We are so proud of our sister Jenna who has been chosen as the Editor-In-Chief for The Odyssey newspaper for the 2015-2016 school year! The former Editor-In-Chief, Emily Born, recently graduated and was also a Zeta. Several of our sisters are writers for The Odyssey as well.

Jenna is an upcoming senior sports broadcasting major with a minor in mass communication. After college, she hopes to land a job with the NFL working in fan relations/communications.


“I’m excited to be the new EIC because it’s a great learning experience for me, and I have the opportunity to help writers have their voice heard on campus,” she said.

Congrats, Jenna!