Winter Break Recap

Happy 2016!  Zeta Tau Alpha at the University of Florida’s went on some pretty cool adventures during winter break this year. Here’s to finishing first semester and beginning the next round of our journey.  Look at the cool places our sisters traveled to this holiday!

Kassidy and Kara went to Barcelona!


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Maddie went to Israel!

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Giulianna visited California!

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Stephanie went on a mission trip in the Dominican Republic!

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Megan went to New York City!

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Katie went back home to Colorado and went skiing on Copper Mountain! IMG_8392


Katie and a Colorado State University Zeta enjoying the holiday together!



Hope everyone had a great holiday and has a happy new year!

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

Our sister Giulianna Romero is president and co-founder of the club Advocates for World Health. AWH is a non-profit organization that recycles unused medical supplies. The organization’s mission is to serve the undeserved in as many ways as possible.

Many hospitals discard usable medical supplies because of protocol. As an advocate of AWH, Giulianna and her team ensure that these medical supplies are put to good use. They collect the medical equipment directly from hospitals and then redistribute it to third-world countries that have demonstrated need.


“My favorite part and a main reason I joined the club is the fact that I can actually see where the money I raise is going,” Giulianna said. “I see pictures of these third-world countries and the medical supplies I helped raise money to send. AWH also gives me the opportunity to be hands on with the work I am doing for others at the warehouse. It helps me appreciate and understand our mission, rather than raising money for a cause I have never hands-on experienced.”

Giulianna’s hard work and dedication to serving others are certainly paying off!

Bienvenido a Madrid!

Our sister Eden has spent her entire summer working as an au pair in Madrid. She is watching four children and having a blast! This opportunity has allowed Eden to receive an authentic experience of Spanish culture.


Eden hopes to gain more independence, since she is in a foreign country all by herself. Not only has she been taking care of children, but Eden has also been able to go sightseeing all over the wonderful city. When asked if she adjusted to living in Madrid easily, Eden answered, “The city, yes, but it took some adjusting to live with another family. I have been in Europe before, so it wasn’t a complete culture shock.”

Eden has had a blast but cannot wait to come home and eat a pub sub and sweet tea. We’re excited to see Eden and hear all of the wonderful stories she has to tell!


Home Away From Home

One of our sisters, Iva Domljan, is an international student from Mostar, Bosnia! We love having such a diverse group of girls in our sisterhood, and we’re excited that Iva has shared a little about her experience as an international student, a UF student and a Zeta.


Where are you from?

I am Croatian, but I’ve lived in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What other languages do you speak?

Croatian, French and Italian.

What is it like being an international student?

Being an international student is exciting! Being thrown into a new culture away from the comfort of home is certainly challenging at times, but it’s an amazing experience and I could not be more grateful to be here. Moving so often allowed me to develop a passion for traveling and meeting new people. Fitting my life into a suitcase every few months has taught me to embrace every moment and treasure every memory.

What is something that people might not know about international students?

International students are different in the ways that they stay in touch with their culture once they move to another country. While some come to learn, others come to teach. Though I love sharing my culture and heritage, I came here to learn about a new one. I love adapting to new lifestyles!

Why did you decide to rush when you came to the University of Florida?

When I first came to America two years ago, I had no idea what sororities were. When I learned a little more about them, I knew I had to rush! I was drawn by the idea of a support system, lifelong friendship and the commitment to a shared set of values.

What has your experience as a UF Zeta been like?

I feel so much more comfortable. Now, Gainesville feels like home to me. Zeta has become the definition of my life overseas.


Sweet Life on Deck


Caroline Stocks spent this past spring semester traveling the world and taking classes aboard a ship. She traveled to many cities including Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Morocco.


Her journey started in San Diego, from there she traveled to Hawaii and then to Japan. Caroline’s sixteen week trip ended in England. While in each country, Caroline was able to visit anywhere within the country the ship docked. Caroline was asked what her favorite memory was from the trip and said, “One day in India my friends and I didn’t have any plans, so we asked the concierge at our hotel what he thought we should do. He called a driver for us to take us to his hometown of Haridwar, India, which has a religious ceremony every night on the Ganges River”. Caroline then explained she and her friends explored this town, which rarely receives tourists. When dusk came, Caroline and her friends were able to participate in the religious ceremony that night. She describes the ceremony as “one of the most moving spiritual ceremony you could ever imagine”. The ceremony included music, fire, dancing, and singing.



Caroline explained, “I learned so much and I’ve changed immensely and I know my lifestyle and life plans have been altered so much for the better since this voyage of a lifetime.”



Trav·el: Verb; To make a journey, typically of some length or abroad.

summer travel

Who wouldn’t want to travel abroad with your best friends who are also your sisters? This is what Allie Mangan, Hannah Carr, Delaney Cooksey, Amy Barrett, and Kaitlin Foshee did after they finished their spring semester at the University of Florida. Starting their journey in Florence, Italy, they are enjoying the magnificent sights in the historic city.

Not only is their trip filled with sightseeing, these girls are getting the chance to eat authentic Italian food! From pizza to paninis, these girls are having the times of their lives.

Be safe and we can’t wait to hear all about your journey!

Ciao! Ciao!