Zeta Zen: Sisterhood Spotlight Edition

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In our sorority, one of our sayings is “Seek The Noblest”. Today, we are shining the spotlight on three incredible women who help people seek their noblest selves; shaping minds, bodies and souls through their work as fitness instructors.

Ansley Fanizzi, PC 16, is an advertising major here at UF. In November, she completed a whole 200 hours of training in order to achieve her goal of becoming a yoga instructor.


“During my training, Zeta is what truly gave me the strength to keep going. Freshman year is hard enough living on your own in a new environment. I think I challenged myself ten times harder by doing yoga training, but Zeta was such a positive source for me when yoga training and college life got tough.”

Fanizzi’s passions are fitness, the arts, traveling and helping others. Through becoming an instructor, she hopes to open up a yoga studio to bring strength and happiness to people all around the country through the practice.

“Through Zeta, I’ve met my best friends and found a place where I can truly be myself. Having a group of girls constantly cheer you on and help you succeed is such a blessing to have. I credit so much of my success to Zeta and the resources it has given me.”

Coming up, Fanizzi is pairing with Impulse Nutrition to host a fitness camp where she will teach relaxing yoga class at the end of every workout.

We can’t wait to support you in your exciting new endeavors as a yoga instructor, Ansley! ZLAM

Next up is our beautiful sister, Lindsey Johnson! Lindsey, PC 14, is a group fitness instructor here at UF, where she specializes in teaching killer cycle and core classes.

Johnson says she loves everything about the gym and fitness so much, she wanted to see what more she could learn. Now, she is majoring in APK with a focus on fitness and wellness!


“It is so cool to think that you’re helping someone with their workout, and knowing that you might be the one to help them reach their goals or get into a better mood.”

Johnson says one of her favorite parts of instructing is building a more personal relationship with her regular attendees.

“Working out is something I love to do, and I love sharing it with others!”

We are so inspired by your dedication and passion to make an impact, Lindsey! ZLAM

Lastly, we’d like to highlight another fit sister, Katherine Santora!

Santora, PC 15, is a third-year Material Science and Engineering major. She is a certified yoga instructor, specializing in Vinyasa yoga, which is often referred to as “Flow” or “Power” yoga.


Santora has been practicing yoga since she was seven, but she got her yoga instructor certification at the young age of 16. Talk about impressive!

“As I got older, yoga became an important part in caring for my mental and physical health. I realized I could foster the feelings I have about yoga and share it with other people.”

Four years later, she still loves it!

Katherine, we love the way you shine in everything you do! Your efforts to spread the power of yoga are truly inspiring. ZLAM, girl!







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  1. So proud of these strong young women
    Wellness is so important at any age.
    Looks like they are on the right track for themselves, and others thru their example and teaching !!

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