One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

Our sister Giulianna Romero is president and co-founder of the club Advocates for World Health. AWH is a non-profit organization that recycles unused medical supplies. The organization’s mission is to serve the undeserved in as many ways as possible.

Many hospitals discard usable medical supplies because of protocol. As an advocate of AWH, Giulianna and her team ensure that these medical supplies are put to good use. They collect the medical equipment directly from hospitals and then redistribute it to third-world countries that have demonstrated need.


“My favorite part and a main reason I joined the club is the fact that I can actually see where the money I raise is going,” Giulianna said. “I see pictures of these third-world countries and the medical supplies I helped raise money to send. AWH also gives me the opportunity to be hands on with the work I am doing for others at the warehouse. It helps me appreciate and understand our mission, rather than raising money for a cause I have never hands-on experienced.”

Giulianna’s hard work and dedication to serving others are certainly paying off!