Zeta Tau Alpha Places in Pike Halftime Competition


Crowns to our talented sisters for placing third among all 16 sororities in the 2014 Pike Halftime Competition!

After many hours of practicing, they were finally ready to go out on stage and perform their hearts out.

Pi Kappa Alpha’s event raised over $83,000 for two great causes. The Florida Diabetes Camp is a three-day summer camp for students who have been diagnosed with Type I diabetes, and Riqui V’s Chomp Cancer Foundation supports children at Shand’s hospital who are battling cancer.

We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to participate in this incredible philanthropy!

Jenna Ladd Becomes Editor-In-Chief for The Odyssey

We are so proud of our sister Jenna who has been chosen as the Editor-In-Chief for The Odyssey newspaper for the 2015-2016 school year! The former Editor-In-Chief, Emily Born, recently graduated and was also a Zeta. Several of our sisters are writers for The Odyssey as well.

Jenna is an upcoming senior sports broadcasting major with a minor in mass communication. After college, she hopes to land a job with the NFL working in fan relations/communications.


“I’m excited to be the new EIC because it’s a great learning experience for me, and I have the opportunity to help writers have their voice heard on campus,” she said.

Congrats, Jenna!

Helping Others Make a Difference

On March 18, Zeta Tau Alpha helped the brothers of Sigma Chi put on a fitness carnival for children in an effort to promote physical activity and nutritional eating in Gainesville’s youth.

The event took place at the Boys and Girls Club and about 65 children attended. The carnival consisted of several activities, including an inflatable Slip ‘N Slide and obstacle course, field games and a station where children could eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. With help from our sisters, Sigma Chi assisted and cheered on children as they participated in these activities.

“It was great to see the kids being active and having fun at the same time,” said Evyn Flaherty, a member of Zeta. “The event was awesome all around.”

Our Philanthropy: Zeta Linedance

“To prepare for service and learn the nobility of serving, thereby earning the right to be served…” 


Each October, Zeta Tau Alpha holds a linedance competition in which members of our sorority pair with members from each fraternity on campus, divide into teams and choreograph dances to perform live.  Zeta Linedance raises money to promote our philanthropy, breast cancer awareness and education. This past year, we held our 30th annual line dance competition and raised $38,000!

“I think it’s amazing that as an organization of over 200 women, we can work year-round to raise money and awareness for a disease that affects one out of every eight women,” Rachel Hart, one of the 2014 Linedance Chairmen said.

We’re looking forward to our next linedance competition this fall!




Home Away From Home

One of our sisters, Iva Domljan, is an international student from Mostar, Bosnia! We love having such a diverse group of girls in our sisterhood, and we’re excited that Iva has shared a little about her experience as an international student, a UF student and a Zeta.


Where are you from?

I am Croatian, but I’ve lived in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What other languages do you speak?

Croatian, French and Italian.

What is it like being an international student?

Being an international student is exciting! Being thrown into a new culture away from the comfort of home is certainly challenging at times, but it’s an amazing experience and I could not be more grateful to be here. Moving so often allowed me to develop a passion for traveling and meeting new people. Fitting my life into a suitcase every few months has taught me to embrace every moment and treasure every memory.

What is something that people might not know about international students?

International students are different in the ways that they stay in touch with their culture once they move to another country. While some come to learn, others come to teach. Though I love sharing my culture and heritage, I came here to learn about a new one. I love adapting to new lifestyles!

Why did you decide to rush when you came to the University of Florida?

When I first came to America two years ago, I had no idea what sororities were. When I learned a little more about them, I knew I had to rush! I was drawn by the idea of a support system, lifelong friendship and the commitment to a shared set of values.

What has your experience as a UF Zeta been like?

I feel so much more comfortable. Now, Gainesville feels like home to me. Zeta has become the definition of my life overseas.