When Two Families Collide

Girls join sororities for many different reasons. Reasons range from finding a sisterhood to having an opportunity to show their commitment to the community. While all the reasons vary, every girl wants the chance to combine their family here at the University of Florida with their families from home.

Thanks to EmilyGrace Brandes, this year’s Family Weekend was a complete success! On Friday February 20, families and sisters gathered at The Swamp Restaurant, a favorite spot for sisters to hang out. Saturday started out with a family BBQ on the front lawn. Guests were able to walk through the house and receive tours given by sisters. That evening the sisters and their families cheered on the baseball team as they played University of Miami. The weekend finished out with a brunch on Sunday at Touchdown Terrace in the Swamp. Families enjoyed breakfast while they watched this past year’s recruitment video. Awards were given to sisters who were voted on prior to the weekend. Congratulations to the following sisters:

Outstanding Out of House Sister: Jessica Alvarez

Outstanding In House Sister: Kiera Keesecker

Outstanding PC14: Megan Trepper

Outstanding PC13: Julia Stevens

Outstanding PC12: Nikki Cardoso

Outstanding PC11: Gigi Pena

White Violet Sister: Leah Miller

Not only were our sisters having fun all weekend, but they raised money for our philanthropy, Zeta Linedance. By raffling off beautifully made baskets and unique donations, we were able to raise about $2,100. One unique donation was an 80lb gator head one sister’s uncle caught.

Overall, our sisters had a wonderful time and created so many memories in just a few short days. Ricki Hemstreet ecstatically said, “Introducing my family to my sorority sisters sort of felt like showing them a huge part of my life, and cheering on the Gator baseball team together was so much fun. I already can’t wait for family weekend next year.2IMG_1746

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